First District RESA’s audiologist provides the following services for Appling, Bryan, Bulloch, Camden, Candler, Effingham, Evans, Glynn, Jeff Davis, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Screven, Tattnall, Toombs, and Wayne counties and Vidalia City.

Complete Audiological Evaluations with Tympanometry & OAE’s

Hearing Aid & FM Evaluations

FM System Audiological Recommendations

Ear Mold Impressions

Complete audiological evaluations differ from school nurse or paraprofessional conducted hearing screenings in the following ways:

  • Complete audiological evaluations provide specific information regarding type and degree of hearing loss.
  • Audiological reports include clearance or modifications for educational placement testing, information regarding how hearing loss may impact classroom performance, and recommendations to assist with educational program planning.
  • Complete audiological evaluations are indicated for students with known hearing losses requiring annual follow up, for students who cannot pass individual screenings required for SST placement or special education evaluation process, and for students who cannot pass a hearing screening during mass screenings.

In addition to the above services:

  • The audiologist coordinates calibration services for school system hearing screening equipment for all First District RESA member systems to obtain better service rates by purchasing as a group.
  • The audiologist routinely provides information to individual teachers and school personnel regarding hearing aid and FM system maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • The audiologist provides hearing screening training workshops and hearing aid and FM system maintenance/troubleshooting workshops on request.