New Teacher Summer Institute for K-5 Teachers – Day 2

June 20, 2018 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Glennville Elementary School, Glennville
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This is the 2nd day of the summer institute (June 19, 20, and 21). 

Day Two: Mathematics

Six Elements- If students are to exhibit long term learning and maximize performance on state assessments in mathematics, they require classroom instruction that provides the type of opportunities that increase that probability. The Six Elements of an Effective Mathematics Lesson Framework provides a template for planning and delivering instruction that include all of the necessary opportunities on a daily basis to improve both learning and achievement in mathematics. In this professional learning opportunity, teachers will identify the elements and consider planning and delivery examples.

Number Talks- This intervention is designed to support implementation of Georgia Standards of Excellence for K-5 mathematics, improve student achievement in mathematics, and enhance mathematics instruction through appropriate strategies and tools.  Our goal for the intervention is to model “teaching with high expectations and intent for all students to learn.”  This component builds on the foundations provided in “Six Essential Elements of Effective Mathematics Lessons.”

The intent of Number Talks is to enhance number sense and fluency through purposefully crafted problems designed to elicit specific responses, provide opportunities for students to explain and justify their mathematical thinking to better prepare students for the Georgia Milestones, develop strategies for composing and decomposing numbers, and develop an understanding of number sense.

Effective Uses of Manipulatives in the K-5 Classroom- This session is designed for K-5 mathematics teachers to explore the use of manipulatives in developing abstract thinking in mathematics while implementing the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Activities include modeling, guided practice, and independent practice with a variety of manipulatives across grade levels.

New (or almost new) teachers in FDRESA’s full service systems are invited to attend.  There will be no charge for the sessions.  A one hour lunch break will be given so that participants can have lunch on their own.