Evidence Based Interventions for Classroom Management – The Behavior Doctor Seminar

March 19, 2019 - 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Georgia Southern University, Statesboro
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This seminar is based on the twenty evidence based strategies in classroom management as determined by Simonsen, Fairbanks, Briesch, Myers, & Sugai . We took their information and expanded on it with real examples from the field and included an interactive booklet so participants can leave with a plan for their own classrooms.

The expression classroom management conjures images of discipline and control for many in and out of the field of education.  If one were to take a universal approach, it is the creation of a supportive climate that has an environment set up for success, where replacement behaviors are taught, and responses are reframed to reinforce the replacement behavior rather than the use of a reactive approach which feeds the target behaviors. Teachers who are successful establish expectations for behavior and then teach, imprint by modeling, practice, and give behavior specific praise for those efforts throughout the year. Furthermore, successful educators monitor and pace their classroom lessons while proactively seeking to encourage appropriate behavior through design. Student success has been directly linked to effective classroom management. For additional information, please contact sgroover@fdresa.org.

Presenter: Dr. Laura Riffel – The Behavior Doctor

Registration Link: https://goo.gl/9FacpY