SLDS – Extensive Data Overview and TRL Training

June 13, 2019 - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
First District RESA, Brooklet
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This is an extensive look at Data and TRL in the SLDS tunnel. Through the (FY19) Teacher dashboard, we will dig into a number of impactful areas such as attendance, assessment data (Pre-K thru EOG/EOC milestones), lexiles, student growth (available to grade 5 teachers and above), enrollment records, and historical grades. You will gain a better understanding of how this data can be used to identify students strengths, weaknesses and help determine which students might be in need of differentiated instruction.

A cursory review of the teacher Growth Model (GM) tab will be provided if any of the attending teachers have growth info and want to understand how to navigate the (GM) grid and how the data therein relates back to their SLDS data. A full review of the Teacher Resource Link (TRL) feature will also be provided. TRL helps teachers find standard-related, vetted and aligned resources from the 30K+ resources currently available to them in the TRL library. This training is open to teachers with a minimum of 1 year’s experience teaching in a GA public school.

Sabine O’Neill, GaDOE SLDS Trainer will conduct this session.

Participants will need to bring an electronic device (laptop, tablet, etc.) and your log-in information to the Student Information System and SLDS.