GaTAPP - Program Entrance Requirements

Prior to admission into the FDRESA GaTAPP Program, candidates must meet all requirements listed below:

  • Secure a job offer for a teaching position in a local system in the First District RESA area.

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university in a related field of study (min. 2.5 GPA).

  • Pass the Program Admission GACE (or qualify for exemption with a passing score on the SAT, GRE, or ACT).  It is possible to exempt the Program Admission GACE if you passed the Praxis I test prior to September 1, 2006 or earned one of the following scores:

    • SAT exemption:  Combine 1080

    • GRE exemption:  combined 297 Verbal and Qauntitative

    • ACT exemption:  Combined 43 English and Math

    • A passing score on the Program Admission Assessemnt, PAA, is still required. The GAPSC has announced remote proctoring availability for this test. Details from the PSC are outlined in full at the bottom of this page.

  • Pass the content area GACE appropriate for the certification area desired and teaching position.

    • FDRESA GaTAPP will conditionally accept a candidate who has not yet passed the GACE content test at the request of a member district. The conditional candidate must hold provisional certification as requested by the employing school district (LUA) under flexibilities provided by the PSC. If the candidate does not pass the content GACE by June of 2021, loses provisional certification, or employment by the district, he or she will be withdrawn from GaTAPP. Tuition is nonrefundable. GaTAPP provides instruction and support in pedagogy and is not responsible for content area preparation of candidates.

    • FDRESA followed PSC guidelines for conditional acceptance due to COVID-19 for the cohort who began the program in the summer of 2020.  FDRESA, with a request from a district, will continue conditional enrollment through the cohort that begins in January of 2021.

    • The PSC has announced that there is "no need to extend conditional acceptance flexibility for spring of 2021."  Since many GACE testing centers are now open, candidates must pass the content-area GACE as an admission requirement for the GaTAPP cohort that begins in summer of 2021.  We will update this website if conditions change.  

    • FDRESA GACE testing center is still closed. We will continue to update this website as conditions change. 

    • Special Education candidates must pass the SpEd General Curriculum or SpEd Adaptive Curriculum assessment prior to program entry. Special Education teacher candidates must pass any additional content assessments prior to program completion.

  • Complete the Educator Ethics 360.

  • Provide official transcripts from all colleges or universities.

  • Obtain a Georgia Criminal History Report & fingerprinting with your local school system.

  • Submit a complete application packet.

Note: Applicants should not have:

  • Completed student teaching in undergraduate or graduate work.

  • Held a Clear Renewable Teaching or Technical Specialist certificate.

GACE Program Admission Assessment at HOME

Information from the PSC:

PAA Remote Proctoring Availability (GACE PAA at Home) and New Preparation Resources

This remote proctored option for PAA is identical in content, format, and on-screen experience to those taken at a test center, at the same price, and uses the same scoring criteria, scoring process, and score scale.


The GACE PAA at Home test delivery method is different. Following is information you should know. 

  • Testing will take place through test takers’ personal computers at home or at other secure locations.

  • Test sessions will be monitored through the use of live human proctors and artificial intelligence technology.

  • The entire test session will be video recorded.

  • The PAA testing supplier, ETS, is employing multiple best-in-class security measures that use both real-time human monitoring and artificial intelligence technology to guard against any suspicious activity and intervene, if necessary.


Regarding new preparation resources, the Kahn Academy, in collaboration with ETS, is offering free, in-depth instructional resources in reading, writing, and math to assist with PAA test preparation.  This online resource includes diagnostic tests, instructional videos, authentic interactive practice tests, and study plans to help prepare for the GACE Program Admission Assessment.




In addition and as a response to COVID-19, ETS has reduced the price of all GACE Interactive Practice Tests by 30% and increased the time allowed to access the tests, including those for PAA.


Full information about GACE PAA Preparation Resources, including those of the Kahn Academy, is available at


If you have questions about the GACE program, please email

First District RESA

201 W. Lee St.

Brooklet, GA 30415

P: 912-842-5000

F: 912-842-5161

Executive Director:

Richard Smith

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