GLRS has been designated as being responsible for the following state objectives:

  1. Assist LEAs in developing and implementing a comprehensive system of personnel development (CSPD) for special education programs.
  2. Provide an information dissemination and interchange network to inform personnel of recent developments in the area of special education.
  3. Provide information and training to assist parents in understanding their rights and responsibilities for the education of special needs students.
  4. Provide direction services to parents, surrogates, child serve agencies, and other individuals seeking information regarding programs for special need child location, identification, LEA reporting, interagency activities.
  5. Provide a collection of specialized equipment and materials for short-term loan and use in training, pupil assessment, and programming for children with special needs.
  6. Engage in other activities relating to GLRS responsibilities as determined by local priorities and in conformance with state workscope elements.

In addition, most GLRS centers have listed other objectives which address specific needs within their service region which may not be statewide in scope. More information can be found on the GLRS website.


Two GLRS centers are located within the districts served by FDRESA.

Coastal SouthEast