GaTAPP - Program Overview

All three of the following must be aligned upon admittance and remain aligned until program completion: 

1) teaching position 

2) GACE content-area assessment

3) certification field the candidate is seeking.  


There are multiple certification paths for individuals who hold a  bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution, who did not complete teacher education degree programs, and who want to transition to the teaching profession.  The goal of these program paths is to equip transition teachers with the necessary skills for initial success in their classrooms.

The mission of GaTAPP is to prepare adults who have the academic content knowledge but lack the pedagogy training that occurs during the sophomore, junior and senior years of college. Since GaTAPP candidates enter the classroom immediately, their training must be concentrated and job embedded so that they are learning on the job with assistance of specialized training, coaches, mentors and administrative professionals.

The First District RESA GaTAPP Program is a combined face-to-face, online, and individualized program.  Teacher candidates are required to take a variety of course work and attendance at all trainings and seminars is required.  All assignments must be submitted and reviewed.

GaTAPP is a 1.5 – 3 year performance-based alternative route to certification. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in required competencies prior to program completion. Click to view the GaTAPP Master Transcript.

FDRESA also offers a 1-Year Add-On Elementary Education Program for teachers who are already certified and wish to add on the certification to teach in grades P-5. This one-year supervised program includes coursework and both field experiences and clinical practice. Click to view the GaTAPP 1-Yr Elementary Ed Add-On Transcript.

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